Hi there! Astronomy is an interesting field of study if you only have a slight interest in stars and our universe. It ultimately covers all the aspects that are related to the movement of stars or what really is present in our universe, and all the things going on in our sky! It gets more and more interesting when you start making discoveries in the respective field. You on the other hand get to know about some general information about astronomy, astrophysics, and star gazing and most importantly, you get to know about how you can use telescope to find stuff. Yeah exactly, considering it as a first and foremost important step in astronomy, it teaches the art to gaze up in the sky. By far, there are less people who actually know how to use telescope and maximize their efforts of gazing deeply at the sky and discovering things in the sky.

Talking about me, I was the one who used to count stars at night as a child and my thoughts never passed this fact until I reached my school and got to know about astronomy. Again, that time it was not so fun until I felt bore in my vacations and was left with nothing else to qfgguzjdo than to try out old classical telescope that belonged to my father. It got interesting and fun from time to time; like I began to like how stars move with the powerful lens of telescope. It also bought me close to nature and my sense of likeness for nature was aroused to the maximum. It felt so real that I lived in cosmos where there are planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and literally witnessing even one of them was like a lifetime achievement whereas I had a chance to look on all the major ones. In other words, it occurred by chance that I began to like the subject but having a glimpse was enough to develop interest in this field and thus talking about it became more interesting for me.

In this site, the main purpose is again to teach the amateurs about astronomy and the ways to approach it. The content will also include the information about how to start astronomy, the right way to use telescope, cool facts about our cosmos, and related information. This site will also feature latest news and photography about astronomy, space, and stars that are being happening all over the globe; may be the headlines or even the full-fledge news about them. We also will refer to professional astronomers and their contribution towards the field of astronomy; the tips and tricks they followed for star gazing and so on. All the resources and tools that you will be needing if you want to pursue in this hobby at a smaller scale or even at a larger pace. In other facts, all facts and figures and news and information that can somehow be related to astronomy will be featured in this site where a pure emphasis will be leashed for the amateurs to guide them in proper direction. So, stay updated.