The trend of Amateur Astronomy is very common nowadays and especially in developed countries like USA and Canada you will find many people involved in this activity. Amateur astronomy is not a bad hobby at all as it releases your stress level and also enhances your knowledge about the universe.

You do not need to be a Professional:

If you are also thinking to become an amateur astronomer then do so as there is no rocket science involved in it. Amateur astronomy does not require you to have a professional degree in astronomy. All it requires form you is that you should be passionate about it. Well if you are a person who thinks that studying the universe can become your hobby then take the first step and become the amateur astronomer. Though amateur astronomy does not require you to be a specialist in the filed however there are some important steps that need to be followed by you as a beginner. These steps are the main reason why we are writing this article. Some major steps which need to be followed by you as a beginner are as follows

    • Gain Knowledge: By gaining knowledge we mean that you need to study some stuff about astronomy and some amazing facts about the universe. Just looking at the sky in the night would not suffice for you at all. Thanks to the internet and libraries, loads of information about astronomical sciences can be gained by you without much of an effort.
    • Planetarium: If you have a planetarium established in your locality then do visit it as from there you can get loads of knowledge and experience. There are many observatory and planetariums which allow the normal visitors to see the universe at night through their telescopes. Whatever you have learnt so far in your books will be seen physically by you through the telescope.

  • Star Map: The star map is the key component of your astronomical studies. Though you may easily find such a map from your local library however our personal advice to you is that it is better if you purchase your own.
  • Identify the Places: Try to find a nice place for yourself where you can perform your amateur astronomy. You do not need any expensive equipment as a beginner. Try to go to a place like your state park, lie down on the grass at night and see the amazing universe from your naked eye. Do not underestimate the naked eye and remember that the ancient astronomers did not have any technological equipment at their disposal too.
  • Binoculars: Try to purchase good binoculars for yourself. You can find many affordable binoculars nowadays. 10×50 binoculars are mostly recommended.
  • Telescope: For more close observing you surely need the assistance of a telescope. Consider the aperture of the telescope when purchasing it.
  • Club: It is not a bad option if you become a member of an astronomical club

The list of steps can go on and on, however we belief that the above mentioned steps are enough for you as far as getting started in amateur astronomy is concerned.


Astronomy is an interesting field of study if you only have a slight interest in stars and our universe. It ultimately covers all the aspects that are related to the movement of stars or what really is present in our universe, and all the things going on in our sky! It gets more and more interesting when you start making discoveries in the respective field.

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