Amateur astronomy is a wonderful and a refreshing hobby in which one can entertain him or her by watching the sky and its objects from a closer distance through the usage of technological equipment like telescopes and binoculars etc. Hardcore research is not involved in Amateur astronomy however there are many amateur astronomers in this world who have made some rich contributions in the tracking of asteroids and discovering of comets.

ga8v4gy0A Typical Amateur Astronomer:

A typical amateur astronomer is the one whose does not take astronomy as his main source of income. Moreover an amateur astronomer does not possess any degree or professional diploma in the field of Astronomy. Such a person is nothing more than a hobbyist who likes to see the skies and its thousands of objects from a close distance. Though an amateur astronomer may not possess any educational degree in the field however loads of astronomical experience can make him/her qualified for working as assistants of professional astronomers.

The Main Objectives:

The main objective of an amateur astronomer is to observe different phenomenon and objects which are associated with astronomy this may includeiya0904a

  • Planets
  • Moon
  • Comets
  • Stars
  • Galaxies
  • Nebulae
  • Star clusters
  • Meteor Showers

Equipment Used:

Studying the sky requires the amateur astronomers to get their hands on technological equipment. The usage of the equipment depends on the task. Some examples of equipment usage are as follows

  • Amateur astronomers look at the sky in the night using binoculars
  • Amateur astronomers also use the optical telescopes of different capacities and powers to study the sky and its phenomena
  • Some equipment of sophisticated nature like a camera is also utilized by amateur astronomers to study or observe sky light
  • Custom telescopes are also being developed by amateur astronomers
  • Star charts are also being used by amateur astronomers and for this purpose there are several softwares as well that have the ability to develop sky maps. Some other software includes observation scheduling software and softwares for astrological calculations.
  • An observing log is also an important item for amateur astronomers as in it they record their important observations.

The Key Techniques:

Some common methods or observational techniques that are used by amateur astronomers are as follows

  • Star hopping: The method is usually applied through equipment which is low tech like manual telescopes and binoculars. The technique also night-sky-watcher-star-hopping-32involves utilization of maps. The method is commonly used by amateur astronomers.
  • Setting circles: These are basically angular management scales which are being utilized by the astronomers in their observation process
  • Go to Telescopes: The term is used for telescopes which are computer driven. The prices of these telescopes are very affordable. These telescopes are ideal for researching and observing.

Amateur Astronomy is a fun activity and it is a type of hobby which is both refreshing and knowledge gaining as well. You can also try amateur astronomy as all it requires is a little passion and interest.


Astronomy is an interesting field of study if you only have a slight interest in stars and our universe. It ultimately covers all the aspects that are related to the movement of stars or what really is present in our universe, and all the things going on in our sky! It gets more and more interesting when you start making discoveries in the respective field.

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