Staring at the stars is a wonderful exercise and you may have seen many stargazers at night making their observations through their telescopes and other such equipment. In this article we will share with you some important details about stargazing. The purpose behind these details is to motivate the ordinary people towards stargazing and to make them realize that as average people they can also enjoy this wonderful activity.

Amazing Facts

New discoveries are made daily and it seems there is no end to it. This particular article is nothing more than a value addition as in it we will list some common facts about our universe. Of course these facts have been discovered by professional scientists who are true experts in their field.

We always thought that there are an infinite number of stars in the universe. However, modern science tells us that there are about 10 billion trillion stars in the cosmos. If we write the number stars10 billion trillion in numbers then the figure would be 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. According to another research the number of stars in the universe outnumbers the grains of sand which we see on the beaches of earth.

According to research, an asteroid might hit the Earth in the year 2029. One such asteroid has already hit the Earth once and it caused mast destruction. If another asteroid strikes the Earth then it can cause mass extinction.

According to a scientific research a human body is never idle on earth rather it is continuously moving. The reason behind this fact is that the Milky Way galaxy rotates at a speed 225 kilometers per second. Similarly in the cosmos the Milky Way is hurling at a speed of 305 kilometers per second. Keeping these facts into consideration a human body is traveling at a speed of 20,000 kilometers in just one second.  The same concept applies to ordinary objects in the earth as well.

The sun is a very hug body, there are many stars in the cosmos but the sun is the most important for the survival of the Earth. Some people ask that how big is the sun, to give an idea of the size of the sun scientists think that around one million Earths can easily fit in the sun.

It can be said that our human body is also developed through stars though it is just a metaphor however the fact is that all the elements of our body are also found in stars. Some of these elements are nitrogen, Calcium, hydrogen and carbon. The diameter of a neutron star is 10-13 miles and according to scientific research they are heavier than several other stars. The weight of a neutron star is 100 million tons. This weight is higher than a large mountain which we see on earth.

These were a few interesting facts about the cosmos that you should know. The universe is full of interesting aspects and scientists are doing everything that they can in order to learn everything there is about the universe.



Astronomy is an interesting field of study if you only have a slight interest in stars and our universe. It ultimately covers all the aspects that are related to the movement of stars or what really is present in our universe, and all the things going on in our sky! It gets more and more interesting when you start making discoveries in the respective field.

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